There’s No Room for Error. 

You only have one chance at secondary containment. Without the right system, your whole operation—and the surrounding environment—is at risk. J.C. Ramsdell Enviro Services, Inc., offers a variety of custom-made products that can safely store any substance you’re handling.

Why do you need a secondary containment system? 

Each state has individual rules aside from those mandated by the federal government.  J.C. Ramsdell experts can help you decide what is necessary for your site.  Our systems help:

  • Protect the environment from spills or leaks of hazardous liquids
  • Prevent ground contamination
  • Allow for easier cleanup with less down time

They’re necessary in every industry, including agriculture, petroleum, and construction, and can be constructed from a variety of materials.

Why choose J.C. Ramsdell?

We specialize in customizing site-specific, fabricated, geomembrane liners for all containment systems. Unlike concrete, a common choice for building containment systems, our liners will not crack. Plus, they’re made to last and have less annual maintenance.

Each of our products serves a different purpose. See which one works best for you, or talk to us about what your options are. For more information, check out our resources.