ENVIRO-GUARD Steel Containment

Your Cost-Effective Secondary Containment Solution

J.C. Ramsdell Enviro Services, Inc. offers ENVIRO-GUARD as your best option for hazardous liquid containment. This cost-effective solution is an ideal option for those in the fertilizer, petroleum, and agriculture industries.

For any type of containment, our experts design an easy-to-install system and custom-fabricated synthetic liner to suit your containment site.

Product Specifications

The system’s walls are corrosion-resistant and made with G115 galvanized and corrugated steel, and come in three different heights.

  • 21"
  • 33"
  • 44"

You’ll have no problem installing the system and attaching your custom-fabricated liner to the steel walls. Each system is complete with supports or braces and all necessary fasteners. We promise a glove fit that protects the liner from outside stress.

Key Benefits

We’ll choose the parts based on your containment needs, and then package them with a custom-fabricated liner. The kit is shipped to you with an easy-to-understand installation guide, allowing you to assemble everything and keep your operation running on your own schedule.

The ENVIRO-GUARD system is specifically and professionally engineered to exceed today’s governmental guidelines and regulations. As a result, it’s your best long-term insurance against primary containment leaks or failures.

In addition, your system works with your space. We make sure it can be configured in round, rectangle, oblong, or square designs for both single and multiple tanks.


J.C. Ramsdell’s ENVIRO-GUARD leads the industry as the only liner that is engineered and constructed to fit perfectly within your containment system. Better yet, it’s designed for you and your employees.

These systems are less expensive to install and maintain, while being more durable than concrete or earthen containment. You get better quality at a reasonable price in a system that will last without cracking.

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