WOOD-GUARD Wooden Wall Containment

Your Top-Quality Wooden Containment Solution

When working with corrosive products, WOOD-GUARD containment systems are your most reliable option. Non-flammable chemicals, liquid fertilizer, pesticides, acids, and others can corrode steel and concrete containment systems. If that happens, the surrounding environment is at stake.

J. C. Ramsdell Enviro Services, Inc., has created the most reliable wooden systems that can safely store these corrosive products.

Product Specifications

WOOD-GUARD systems are made with only grade No. 1 Southern Yellow Pine, which has been pressure-treated so that the structural support wood won’t rot from ground contact. The systems are then designed to withstand a fluid density of 85 pounds per cubic foot.

We focus on quality and your safety, custom-ordering all of our wood from the mill and making sure it has minimal knots. Then, we fasten your custom-fabricated liner to the top of the system with an HDPE board, keeping it securely in place and your surrounding area safe.

Key Benefits

J. C. Ramsdell started installing WOOD-GUARD systems more than 25 years ago, and those same systems are still standing today. No matter what type of material you’re dealing with, we have the proven solutions that no other company does.

Each wooden containment system is movable and expandable, allowing you the flexibility to grow with your operation, rather than risk outgrowing it. If necessary, these systems can also be built into the subgrade to reduce the wall’s height.

Wooden systems are less expensive than a steel containment system. They can be designed for specific site constraints and take up less of a foot print than an earthen containment system.

Why choose WOOD-GUARD?

We craft WOOD-GUARD containment systems with our signature expertise and customization. When you provide the details, we get to work creating it.

Our engineers have figured out the perfect pressure treatments based on the situation. Everything is designed for simplicity, common sense, and speed, so we can give you a turnkey solution to your unique needs.

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