Concrete Drop-In Containment

Your Solution for Concrete Failures

Concrete is a porous material that, over time, will crack. Make your concrete containment system last longer with a geomembrane liner from J. C. Ramsdell Enviro Services, Inc. 

Our concrete drop-in liners ensure that you’re not damaging the environment or losing product when your concrete cracks. They’re the perfect solution for anyone storing petroleum, fertilizer, or ethanol. 

Product Specifications

We make sure that J. C. Ramsdell’s custom-designed synthetic liners will fit your concrete containment system. They’re engineered specifically for you: made to suit your unique situation and operation.

Key Benefits

At first, concrete is an adequate containment option. However, over time, its pores can become cracks that continue to grow. Depending on what you’re storing, the product might worsen the crack (think nitrogen fertilizer flaking off the concrete surfaces). 

Protect your business and the surrounding environment with a concrete drop-in liner. We’ll build it to suit any size system and can install it for you, or send it to you with installation instructions. 

Why choose our concrete drop-in?

Having one of our geomembrane liners between your concrete and your product prolongs the life of both. And, in addition, our engineers can design a new concrete drop-in and secondary containment system.

If your current concrete dike is cracked, we can provide a solution to install a geomembrane liner within your dike, to ensure your product is contained.  

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