Load Pads

Your Guard Against Spills

Before you can store your products, you have to get them unloaded—and that requires just as much care as a containment system. Use load pads from J.C. Ramsdell Enviro Services, Inc., to protect yourself against spills when loading and unloading your trucks.

Product Specifications

We install and design both concrete and synthetic load pads, and will recommend what’s best for you based on your needs. Concrete load pads are built to withstand long-term use and ensure the proper placement of traffic within the load pad. Synthetic load pads are made with aggregate and a geomembrane liner suited to your space.

Key Benefits

Load pads are especially useful for those dealing with petroleum or fertilizer, but can be used in any industry. Concrete is a great option for those who load and unload products more frequently: we’ve designed and installed hundreds of these, and we know what will work.

However, if you need a moveable or temporary load pad, you might want to go the synthetic route. Depending on the amount of use, synthetic load pads can end up lasting as a permanent solution. They’re also more cost-effective than concrete.

In any case, consult one of our experts to see what your best option is.

Why choose our load pads?

With either type, we can provide a custom or turnkey design. Every state has its own requirements for load pads, and we’re prepared to meet them all. On top of that, we can provide containment systems as an added layer of protection from spills.

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