Geomembrane Liner Repairs and Inspections

Your containment system’s geomembrane liner should be made to last. But when accidents happen, like a tear from the wind, you can count on us to help fix it—whether the product came from us or someone else.

J.C. Ramsdell Enviro Services, Inc., offers liner repairs for any type of containment. And, with an on-site inspection, we can let you know whether there are any opportunities for improvement in your system.

Why choose our repair and inspection services?

Our professional repair crew travels throughout the United States to repair geomembrane liners. Whether it’s a one-foot tear or 100-foot hole, we’ll be there to help with repairs. Contact us and we will provide a cost estimate for your repair and can be onsite with a few days, when necessary.

Interested in a repair kit?

We understand that sometimes you’d rather fix things yourself: that’s why we also sell liner repair kits. Smaller repair jobs or those that don’t require a crew can still benefit from J.C. Ramsdell’s products. Our kits come in various sizes, from 6” x 25’ to 6” x 100’, and come with:

  • Detailed instructions
  • A cleaning solution for your existing liner
  • Repair tape for holes or cuts

Pricing starts at $109.00, making our repair kits a quick, cost-effective solution to repairing your geomembrane liner.

Order Your Kit

If you'd like to order your repair kit, just let us know. Kits can be ordered by calling 605.997.3706 or by emailing

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